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The 7 Best Customer Service Videos available on the market

Customer service video tutorials are among the best ways to educate service skills for your employees and you will find several outstanding titles available to assistance with your training. Many of these programs include leaders guides, participant guides and activities to help working out following the video is completed.

Give em the Pickle – Bob Farrell’s classic program concentrates on the motivational side and services information. Farrell wit and knowledge sparkle through the program because he explains how great service was the hallmark of his frozen treats shop empire within the 1970s. Give em the Pickle was his service fight cry. An easy phrase which means you need to provide your customers that special service – something past the normal like free pickles using their order or singing the birthday song to children with that big day. This customer service video remains the best-selling program available on the market, utilized by a large number of service trainers with the world. Farrell keeps the data general enough for use in almost any sector from the business world.

The Guest – The initial Guest and today The Guest – Second Edition are generally like a bundle purchase for the similar cost. The Guest is among the best-selling programs within the good reputation for corporate training. The very well created program uses the example of welcoming and taking proper care of a guest in your house when you are at the office. The fundamental skills connected with treating visitors in your house crosses over nicely using the customer service skills needed at work. Through a number of well-acted scenarios, The Guest shows remarkable service inside a comedy pre and post style. The “before” scenarios are amusing. The Guest is essential for just about any customer service trainer.

Remember Me – Third Edition – Remember Use is a amusing consider the plight from the customer. He adopts lots of abuse without fighting back, however in the finish he’s the final say – he just takes his business elsewhere. Through a number of funny bad service scenarios, Remember me demonstrates why services are essential for any business. With no customer there’s no business.

So Assist Me To? – So Assist Me To has a manager version, worker version or both. The solid support comes with an excellent number of service vignettes that competently displays the fundamentals of excellent service. This can be a high-level program with excellent production values, acting and content. Should you prefer a solid, basics program on service that covers the necessities the employees have to know, then So Assist Me To is a superb selection.

Actions and Attitudes – This customer service video made particularly for retail covers the fundamentals and services information having a stop and start vignette style. An affable host takes employees through a number of retail scenarios in various environments. The most popular-sense style combines basics with a number of insights specific to retail environments.

So What – So What is yet another solid basics support. If you’re searching for any fundamental service skills video with higher acting and production values, then you’ll be successful with this particular service video. The wide range of scenarios will give you a good base of customer service skills for the employees.

The Tough Guest – This follow-to the Guest concentrates on difficult customer service situations and the way to solve them with similar amusing scenarios, great acting and very high-level production values because the original guest. An excellent follow-as much as train on specific difficult service issues that occur every day in each and every workplace, The Tough Guest is essential-have.

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