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2 Strategies to Follow When Working on Online Reputation Management

  1. Internet reputation monitoring

It is easy to hide negative search results if you seek and address the issues before anyone else could notice them. Luckily, Google is the best monitoring tool there is for the brand mentions. Begin with searching yourself or the brand to check what comes up. Then, sign up for Google Alerts. You will be notified every time someone mentions you or your brand so that you can react to it as soon as possible. Check the other online reputation management tools that can help you keep an eye on your search results, social mentions and the brand emotions. Or hire a reputation management service singapore to do the same for you.

  1. Build your social media empire

Make the most of your social media account and respond to the customer feedback on a regular basis. You may not need to post on every social account, but be active on them. Let your followers know that your properties are official. For building authenticity, put up profiles with pictures, logos and business info. Also, include your business contact details. And go beyond Facebook and Twitter, make presence on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc. you can manage these accounts or hire someone to do it.

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